Omprus Soul of Guardian II First Server Giveaway

485 Keys Are Left !

We has teamed up with Omprus to present you the gift code for the first server: BattleSoul of Soul of Guardian II (

The Newbie Pack contains the following items:
Small Soul Essence*2,
Flying shoes*10,
Little candy*5,
Strengthening protection rune*2,
Rare training order*2

How to Redeem Gift with the Newbie Card Code in Soul of Guardian II:
Click “Gift packs” icon on the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Click the “Newbie Pack” Interface; find “Claim” icon and then click. Enter the Newbie Card Code, then “Confirm” it

The Newbie Pack contains the following items:
Small Soul Essence*2,
flying shoes*10,
little candy*5,
strengthening protection rune*2,
rare training order*2

About Soul of Guardian II
Soul of Guardian II ( is a free browser-based Action Role Playing game. Set in a hybrid fantasy world, it has four classes for players to choose from. Character classes are Blade Warrior, Dagger Assassin, Hammer Judge and Spear Guard, to be distinguished by their respective class specialty.

About Omprus Games
Omprus Games ( is a rapidly growing browser game operator and publisher. With expertise in game development and marketing, Omprus Games has committed itself to continually introducing more popular browser-based online games into the global market, and is hoping to consolidate its partnerships with more producers.

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